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Transform your business process with SMERP.

A robust, adaptable and efficient cloud-powered ERP solution that improves work-flows, drives productivity by connecting and enabling businesses to address their key needs

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Rewards & Loyalty Program

With SMERP’s Rewards & Loyalty Program, you can keep your old customers coming back and get the new ones to stay with condition-based perks and rewards that will automatically be assigned to customers.

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Automated Order Management

SMERP’s automated order management feature helps make order management a breeze - reducing costs, order processing times and improving customer-satisfaction by automating each stage of the order work-flow from start to fulfillment.

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Integrated Inventory Management

Structure, manage and keep track of inventory items reliably and efficiently with SMERP’s inventory management system and say goodbye to wasted or insufficient inventory stock.

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Accounting Management

Hassle-free finance management and accounting is now at your fingertips. Track and manage expenditures, credits, revenues and profits with SMERP

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Customer Management

SMERP gives you the ability to intelligently and efficiently manage leads, opportunities, tasks, issues, requests, bugs, campaigns, and claims from your customers.

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Invoicing Management

Eliminate human error while identifying price-friendly vendors that meet your business needs. Personalize and automate your invoicing with SMERP today.


What you get with SMERP.


SMERP Marketplace

SMERP Marketplace is the key to unlocking the growth and visibility of your business.


Free Website

Set up a state-of-the-art, user-friendly website that delivers actionable intelligence, improves work-flows, drives productivity and business growth.


Forecast your cash flow

Generate accounting and financial reports on SMERP to gain insights on your current and future cash position.

Basic plan

For micro & small businesses that want to scale their business operations without breaking the bank.


Business Website

Point of sale (POS)

Inventory management

Sale Order Management

Limited Storage Space

Standard plan

For small & medium businesses that want to scale their business operations.

All Basic Plan +



Limited Storage Space

Customer Management

Purchase Management

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Enterprise plan

For organizations that need additional customization, control, and support.

All Standard Plan +


HR Management

Fleet Management

Asset Management

Hotel Management

Hospital Management

Unlimited Storage Space

SMERP Partners.
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